Mark an app store module as regular module

Hi there, We have an module in our app which was in the past an App Store module, so it is placed in the modeller under the topic App Store modules and is blue coloured. How can I toggle it back to a regular module, so it shown in the root directory of the project. Kind regards  
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I've had a look around, and it seems as though the “FromAppStore” flag is baked into the module itself and cannot be changed from Mendix Studio Pro. The flag is visible in the MPR Tool but can't be changed there:

I think at this point the easiest way to get it into your normal modules is probably to copy all folders from the module into a new module in your project. It's ugly and a lot of work, but I don't really see any other way, unless you want to manually edit the .mpr file, which isn't really recommended.

Alternatively you can say “whatever” and just rename the module to “ModuleName_NotFromAppStore” and hope that conveys the message to your fellow developers.