List View only show associated Data

This seems to be a basic thing, but I couldn’t figure it out. I am trying to show in a list view, the “HubKPI” objects of one individual “Local Hub”. How can this be done?
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Hi Tobias,

In order to do so, you can create a dataview which contains the LocalHub entity. When placing the list view widget within this dataview, you can now use the HubKPI_LocalHub association in the data source for the list view, so that only the HubKPI objects for this specific LocalHub will be shown.

Hope this helps!


​​​​​​Depending on your application requirements you may opt for the way that suits it. 

  1. Use microflow data source for list view and return list of HubKPI objects of your desired Local Hub. You can apply the constraints while retrieving data to filter out HubKPI objects for a particular Local Hub.
  2. If you want to select a Local Hub object, and show its HubKPI objects on selection: Then use a datagrid to list Local Hub objects with single selection. Create a data view to listen to this data grid which will receive the selected Local Hub, inside this data view create a list view to show the HubKPI objects for this Local Hub.