Export mapping: Owner / changedBy availability

For every Entity there is the option to store the createdDate, changedData, owner and changedBy system member. createdDate and changedDate become attributes that have the same behavior as ‘regular’ attributes. Owner and changedBy are only partially the same as ‘regular’ associations. They are available in XPath-retrieves, but retrieving the Owner by association is not possible. The use case that lead me to this question, was creating an export mapping for users in which I wanted to include the name of the associated changedBy-user. Can somebody explain to me why this association is ‘different’ and it is not usable in a direct export mapping, (or retrieve over association)? Thanks in advance
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Hi Martin, The reason why the Owner and ChangedBy attributes are different from associations is because they only store the ID of the System.Owner entity in a column and therefore don't actually have a joining table. You can read some more about the subject here: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/domain-model