Incompatible expression types at a dataset

Hi guys, I have a (hopefully) small but really anoying problem at setting up a report for a part of my data base. In my page I implemented a report parameter which should allow the user to select a name of a testspecification. This name should be the parameter which is used in a OQL of a data set. I have added a report Grid as well to see the results. If I use the data set without parameter, i get correct results in the grid. When i try to add the parameter (type string) to the OQL, following error message appears “Incompatible expression types: String, HybridTM.testcycles.” I can’t change the type of my parameter to String, just to Object. Does anybody have a clue?   BR   Tobias  
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Make the parameter type HybridTM.testcycles then use the following expressions in OQL:

WHERE testcyclename = $Paramenter/Name