line break in hybrid mobile app

Hello everybody, I am trying to break a line if it is too long for a cell in a table. The table is in a dataview and the App-Type is hybrid. I have tried to add line_break{     word-wrap: break-word;              overflow-wrap: break-word;         width: 100%; } to my _custom.scss in the theme\styles\web\sass\app\ folder and add “line_break” to the class-attribute of the properties of my dataview. After synchronizing the project dir i tried but there were no changes. Does somebody know, what I am doing wrong?   Best regards   Tobias
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Are you just synchronizing the project? Changing the SCSS file will not automatically update the changes to the main css.

You have to use a Sass compiler to do compile it to CSS. Check out documentation

You can use Mendix Calypso – which is pretty easy to configure.


Hi Tobias,

The css shown in you message is not valid, as css class selector should start with a period.

    word-wrap: break-word;         
    overflow-wrap: break-word;    
    width: 100%;

Play around with chrome dev tools before you move things in your CSS files. (Also remote devices will work with USB)

Cheers, Andries