Add Custom javascript togglePassword in Loginpage in the module Forgot Password

I used the forgot password module and made a custom login page.  I want to used de blinkin eyes as in the default login.html with the togglePassword javascript function. Have some a solution for this?         <script>         function togglePassword() {             const icon = document.querySelector('[class*=glyphicon-eye]');             if (icon.classList.contains('glyphicon-eye-close'))                 icon.classList.replace('glyphicon-eye-close', 'glyphicon-eye-open');             else icon.classList.replace('glyphicon-eye-open', 'glyphicon-eye-close');             const input = document.querySelector('#passwordInput');             if (input.type === 'password') input.type = 'text';             else input.type = 'password';         }     </script>  
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Hi Jeroen – why don’t you copy the content from the main login.html /theme/login.html into the deep link login.html in /resources/deeplink/login.html ?

That should work pretty well! Cheers, Boris