Is it possible to see a Chinese version of Mendix in the near future?

I was looking for low-code development tool for a project, and I compared Mendix, Microsoft Power Apps, OutSystems, AgilePoint, K2, and more.  Mendix is my favorite definitely, and the one that best meets the needs of our project.  My company is in China, all team members are used to using Chinese version software, and Microsoft Power Apps do the best job, although it doesn't meet our project requirements as well as Mendix. I would like to know whether your company has plans to promote Mendix in China, and whether it plans to develop Chinese version of the software. If it is possible to see the Chinese version in the near future, we will definitely use Mendix to dovelop our project.  If yes, how long will it take?  Otherwise, we have to evaluate whether our team members can collaborate on a English version of Mendix. Your website has contact information in China, but I can't reach by phone, So I can only ask my not technical question here.  Thanks.
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