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Decision action on enumurated value


Please make it possible to design it as one specific value goes one way and ‘the rest’ will go the other way:

then you don't need to design every enumurated value

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This question has been asked several times in the last few years. See:

Can someone merge these Ideas (and the Votes!)?


Just recently, we have been thinking about exactly this in my team!

It's similar to a switch statement in Java


Would love to see this. Here's an example of what it could look like.


Old situation. While these enum-onions are pretty, they're a pain in the behind to make:



A new version could look something like this:



This means way less work when setting up splits based on enumerations (specifically large ones).


Some thought would need to be given to warnings when expanding existing enums though. Right now you get a hard error as you haven't specified the new value in your split yet, which would vanish in the new version, so a warning might be good.