Creating new users in specific role - Best practice

Hi everybody, I'm looking for the best practice regarding the creation of new users using generalization. So, typical example: a user can per role x or role y. When I'm an administrator I'd like to pick the specialization first before actually creating the user.  Is this tutorial still actual compared to the current version of Mendix?   Hope you can help! Thanks! Laurens  
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Hello Laurens,

I personally try to only use one type of user object which inherits from user (Account), and never expose the user objects themselves so MxAdmin cannot be manipulated in any way.

If you need multiple specialisations you can have different buttons to create each type, that's the recommended approach I believe, as it comes with the Administration module in a lot of apps - even though this module doesn't have two specialisations but treats web service users as if they were separate.

Hope this helps