Making Mendix a custom SSO IDP provider for 3rd party apps

Hi there We have a requirement to enable SSO for an application that embeds 3rd party content into our Mendix application.  The idea is that the user logs in with their Mendix account credentials and this authenticates on the other system.  We have the SAML module implemented, but that seems to only allow you to make Mendix the SP and not the IdP.  In our scenario the Mendix system should act as the SAML IdP and the 3rd party should act as the SP.  Is this possible?  I can only see that the reverse is possible using the Mendix SAML module.  We are implementing this in 7.18. Regards
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Hello Gustav,

I don't think there is a module for it, but I can't see why you couldn't create your own IdP services in Java.

SAML implementation guidelines are available openly but it would be quite the endeavour.

Edit: On a quick search I couldn't find any open libraries, but here's a github project for java IdP and SP -

Hope this helps