SAML Redirect configuration

I need some confirmation that I have the redirects set up properly for SAML.   DefaultLoginPage – set the value to index3.html. Created a index3.html which is a copy of the index.html. SSOLandingPage -  set the value to index3.html Index.html – I added meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/"   in the header That seems to take me to the login-with-sso.html page. To get to the SSO I changed the link for the button to : <a id="ssoButton" href="/sso/login" class="login-sso-button btn btn-primary">Sign in with your Mendix account</a> Before my change the href was /openid/login before my change.   I then revised the index.html page to use /SSO/login/SSO/.  No difference. I am still redirected to the login-with-sso.html page.   What is the right way?
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Make sure you have put the SAML startup microflow in your application's After Startup microflow - without this, SAML won't work.  Your DefaultLoginPage should point to a login page, not your index page - this could be login.html.  The SSOLandingPage looks correct. You shouldn't need to edit the login-with-sso.html page at all, as this should only be used when trying to login using the Mendix provided SSO, with your Mendix account. 


As long as you have the redirect on your index.html page setup properly (which it appears you do) and the SAML Startup microflow in your after startup microflow, you should be redirected to your configured idP for SAML authentication.