Unable to run site locally using https

I am using the SAML module from the AppStore and completed the configuration. I am trying to test that out the configuration to make sure things are working. When I attempt to run the application locally I get the following errors on IE and Chrome: On IE  Can’t connect securely to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner. On Chrome The site cannot provide a secure connection. local host sent an invalid response ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR I have added a self signed certificate to the project for localhost. This does not seem to make a difference. In my internet options I cannot select SSL 3.0. This is grayed out (probably due to some policy). Could that be the issue? Any ideas as to how I can get this project to work using SSL on my local host would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.    
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You can use this Node JS module: https://www.npmjs.com/package/local-ssl-proxy


I have used this module for another case and works great. Just download Node JS, Run the Console and enter these commands: 

npm install -g local-ssl-proxy
local-ssl-proxy --source 9090 --target 8080


after that I had to let my browser accept selfsigning certificates for https://localhost:9090 by this howto: https://conetrix.com/blog/how-to-trust-a-self-signed-certificate-in-ie-9

Maybe this is also a solution for you..

cheers 😎


Hi Steve,

I am not sure this will test your secure local connection from your local app, but you can try it.

When implementing SAML I set up a production like IdP tenant with multiple attributes/assertions using https://stubidp.sustainsys.com/c7e1fc45-5f25-4a5e-b27b-8acb2563312e/ . Here you can specify the " Assertion Consumer Service Url ", you may can try a secure URL.

Based on these results I proceed to the app environment and set it with the production IdP configuration. On this way you can test custom login logic etc.