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Hi, hope this post finds everyone well.   I have been trying to get familiar with the authentication system of Mendix. Hence I have been building a project with multiple user roles and access levels. So far It has been a success. But I can’t seem to figure out how to register a new account. I created a non-persistant object to use in the form. Which I later create the required account object together with the correspoding user entity. I have a one-to-one link between them and there is no problem creating them.   The problem occurs when I try to login with the newly created user. It says that the credentials are wrong. My suspision is that I am not handling the password field properly. I have the password field in the non-persistant object as a string and I set it to the account object directly. I checked the created variable using the debugger and it seems that the password is getting hashed. I have browsed for a solution yet wasn’t succesfull.   I understand that there is some stuff that I need to do with the Account Password Data. But I am lost. I would appericiate any help about the problem of mine or any comment that would help me understand the general process.   Emre
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Hi Emre, 


I use Account_Overview from Administration module. I have a link in the menu to that page. 

As Admin I can add accounts.
You can make a Administration custom module and change there the page to work with your model.


Suc7, Pascal