Logout OIDC session when Mendix session ends

Hi,  I have a scenario. We know we can make the mendix session inactive by setting timeout value in seconds .  In our application we have integrated OIDC module , there we have Azure AD configuration. so when we open our app it will redirect to microsoft login after successful authentication it will redirect to Home page. Now In mendix we set  SessionTimout as 1 minute ( example only ) . now mendix redirect to login again . but the problem is , mendix session ended but not microsoft session. because of that again application directly goes to home page. but in this case we need  end the session of OIDC Idp when mendix session ends.    anyone have idea?  
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the OIDC module comes with the nanaflow "ACT_Logout”. Which uses the logout URL of your identity provider, to log out the user there as well.

This link is visible in the azure AD configuration.