Create a new customer and access to his own data for a customer : how to configure ?

Hi Community. Could anyone provide me  information / instructions how to configure in Mendix :  an customer must be able to create himself initially as a new customer and see his  own personal customer data, his order-history and an total product-list in an existing sales app. (I am new with Mendix) Thanks in advance, Jan van der Wind
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That is not so much a matter of ‘configuring’ but more a matter of ‘building and creating’. You will have to set up the entities in the domain model: ‘Customer’, ‘Product’, ‘Order’, ‘Orderline’ with ‘Orderline’ having a *-1 association to ‘Orderline’, In the domainmodel, right-click ‘Customer’, and ‘Generate page’, (also select Product and Order, not Orderline) and you have your first pages. On page ‘Order_NewEdit’ add a Dataview and give it datasource ‘listen to widget’. In that DataView add a Datagrid for the Orderlines.

Now you have the basis. Still to create the routine to give the Anonymous user the option to create a Customer and switch to it. And the routine to retrieve his data from the existing sales app.

For more understanding of Mendix, check out, for instance the rapid crash course

For a great example project that is including some functionality and a showcase on what a Mendix application can accomplish: see the Base application.