Compilation error: No read access to attribute

I have set the security level to production and getting multiple compilation issues like No read access to attribute. Can somebody please help me on this?
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Sure – this means that there is a project User Role that has access to the page sFTP_configuration but doesn not have access rights to any entities displayed on that page.  You can eliminate this error by either:

  • granting user roles access to these entities (typically you do this by adding module roles to the project user role for the SFTP module) or
  • removing user roles permission to view the page that is causing the error.

If this is the SFTP module from the app store, that module has one user role called Administrator.  You can eliminate these errors by opening Security in the Project node 

Clicking on the User Roles tab in the pop up window

and opening both Administrator and User roles and adding the Administrator user role from the SFTP module to both.



In SFTP module: Under Configuration entity  access rules , For User & administrator user roles give read access and

for DS_GetenerateKey microflow give visibility as per your requirement