Font size, weight and button centering do not work

I've tried to apply the following to textbox's style in a listview, but they do not work: font-weight:bold;font-size:20px; I've tried to the center a link button, with the following, and it doesn't work: margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto; This works, however: font-style:italic; Are these other CSS properties not supported?
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You are correct Jack. The style property does not add the styling to the input textbox but the surrounding div. This we have to change in a upcoming release. What I would suggest for the textbox is to add a class in your form and put this into your stylesheet. See example and screenshot below:

.default .custom-textbox label {

If you want to center your button you can just use text-align: center; on the table cell since the link button is an inline element. See screenshot.

alt text


As a common rule in Mendix: if css does n't work, set it on the surrounding element.