Upload files with location in excel

Hi everybody, I have a request from my client that I need to know if it is possible to achieve with Mendix. He want’s to make an excel import. In this excel he has metadata from some files, including the local address in his machine. When he uploads the excel from his machine, he wants the applicattion to read the address of each file and upload it to mendix application. Is this possible in Mendix in this way? I know the file uploader, and know the drop files too, but it is not what he wants. Can anyone help me?
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This is possible when the server can access the file locations for the excel files. Assuming that the first excel file is uploaded contains the path to the files you can create a java functio that retrieves the files and creates the filedocuments in Mendix. Then import the files with the template setup in the excel importer.

For some inspiration on this check out the implementation in the the flat file importer module from the app store: