How to view Production Environment Mendix Cloud Log in Application

Hi Experts, Is there any way to display the log files/messages from our Production Environment Mendix Cloud to our application? I have read some documentation from Mendix and I don’t seem to find an API for it. Cheers!
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Hi Leonardo,

Take a look at the marketplace module:

I’m not sure about the API, but looking at this module could give some clues.

Hope this helps!


AFAIK There is no API to retrieve the logs from one Mendix application so that you can show it in another application.

As also mentioned in the above comment, you could use Logging module and the logs for the application can be shown in the same application.

The only API you have is :

These are deployment specific API, which helps you to download the logs. 

You can also use Datadog which can be integrated with Mendix application and from the datadog portal you will be able to see the logs. But those are for more monitoring solutions. Refer :