Two Phonegap Apps one for Acceptance, and other for production, is this possible?

Greeting everyone, Just Noticed that when I try to publish New Acceptance Mobile app from Mendix cloud interface it replaces previous one, so I'm able to have or Acceptance, or Production on my phone, but can't have both. This is very confusing, maybe I'm missing something. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hi Eugene, it's normal to have a single mobile app (codebase), and to have multiple copies of it. Each copy points to a different environment i.e. development pc, acceptance- or production environment.

When managing your phonegap apps (version control) you put the name or endpoint in the build or phonegap app, i.e. MxForum-1-development.apk, MxForum-1-acceptance.apk and MxForum-1-production.apk etc.

The development and acceptance are used for testing, and you can install these apps on your mobile device. However production builds are uploaded to the app store or google play for distribution.

Hope this helps or what else is confusing?