Strange textbox behaviour after synchronisation

I am using a proof of concept application to find out how much I can do with an offline application. I am running into strange behaviour that I cannot explain. A textbox is used for searching entities in my local database. This 'input' string is stored in a 1 to many relationship with the object that it is searching for in the local database. By storing it, I can use the synchronisation button as a search button by coupling a microflow to the 'input' entity on a before commit event handler. This allows me to call a rest API from the offline application profile and fetch new objects which I do not yet have in my database or update those objects. However, after searching locally for object1 by using a 2nd nanoflow action button, I try to search via this synchronisation button for object2 which I do not have yet. The synchronisation and rest API microflow are executed, however the input string is taken as the object1 string, which is not visible at the moment I press the synchronisation button (I just changed that textbox to object2 string before pressing the synchronisation button.). The object1 string is shown again in the textbox without me setting it anywhere explicitly. Even worse, from this point on, trying to use the nanoflow action button to do a local search, results in the object1 string being shown in the textbox after pressing the button regardless of what I enter. The object1 info is also shown permanently from this point on in the dataView that I use to show objects. The Synchronisation button will not trigger the REST API call microflow at all anymore. Basically both my local search has become unusable because it always shows object1 and my remote search/synchronisation button has become unusable because it will not trigger the REST microflow anymore. Maybe useful extra info: I have used a dataView with entity 'Input' with the textbox and both buttons inside. Below that I have a 2nd dataView with entity 'myObject' inside my first dataView which shows all attributes for the object that I have retrieved. No events have been coupled to the textbox. Does anyone have a guess on what could cause the 'Input' object to seemingly by itself revert back to object1 all the time?
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