Push notification permission dialog Android

We have a working native app with push notifications implemented succesfully, although with one caveat. The RequestNotificationPermission javascript action (NativeMobileResources) does not prompt a permission dialog and returns true on a first install and run of the app. Push notifications are received when the app is open, but not when the app is closed. When a push notification is send while the app is in the background, and then the app is brought to the foreground, only then the notification permission popup appears. This is not the desired behaviour because no push notification will be received until the app is reopened and permission is granted. How can we force the notification permission dialog for android on the first run of the application after a fresh install, without having to background it, send a push notification, and then foreground it? We are working with Mendix version 9.24.1, push notifications 7.1.0 and nativemobileresources 4.0.3
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