Phone App - Show Informations without creating Object

Hello, I'm trying to create an Internal Mobile App. But at the moment I have some problems with the “Home” Page. I want to show currently running incidents as warning on the Home page, but when I want to show or reference  Then i “need” a DataView. But when I insert a Dataview, I cannot set the “Home Page” as a navigation Item without creating an object. But I don't need an Object, I just want to show the Information :)    
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Hey Nicolo,

I get where you're coming from. Sometimes you have just a little bit of dynamic info you want to display on a page. Unfortunately in this context, it is required to display that dynamic info using an object, especially since it's dynamic.

With that said, you can implement the use of a nanoflow as your default "Home Page" and perform the logic necessary in the nanoflow to fetch your relevant information and route the user to the home page, now with the necessary context to display your message.


I hope that helps!