Synchronize from mobile to web

I created an entity with attribute isShippingDone with boolean value with the default value set to false. I created the object in web app and then synchronize it to mobile app. And then the process will be completed in mobile app. When the process has been completed the value of isShippingDone will be updated from false to true. Then I tried to update this value from mobile app to web app by using synchronize widget. But the value wasn’t updated on web app. Instead when I tried to synchronize the value of isShippingDone was reverted back from true to false which I assumed that the value instead updated from web to mobile not the otherwise. Is there any way to make sure the synchronize widget sync the value from mobile to web instead?   Before sync:     After sync:
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Could you show us how you set isShippingDone from false to true? 


The change needs to be commited to the local DB. Otherwise the synchronize cannot spot a change and your app receives a copy of the last commited state of the server, overwriting your local (uncommited) changes.