Native - Non-persistent objects getting garbage collected?

Hi,   This is about a Native app in Mx 9.6.9. I'm working with a non-persistent helper object to store the users search settings. The helper object is associated with a customer object. And I now also associated it with the Session object.   Still, I see the helper object disappear. Almost sounds like a nice feature, as in this version you still cannot delete objects on the device (is there in later versions). But in this case it is not what I want.   Especially, when linked to Session, I would have expected it not to be garbage collected.   I'm now fixing it by making the object persistent. Of course, this means I have to fix other things, like that I need the object to be deleted at some point. Using non-persistent objects is much preferable …   Anybody an idea on this? Is this maybe fixed in later versions?
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I would expect it to disappear when the Microflow that was used to create it, terminates. If it is going to break a lot, I would create a persistent storage an read from it when the non-persistent object is created and write to it in the last step of the Microflow.


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You can place the helper object in any layout as datasource, this way it wont be garbage collected.


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