OIDC-Mobile Logout

Hi All, We are using the OIDC module from Mendix to integrate with Idp built using .Net for SSO. We are trying to logout from mobile as follows: 1- Get the logout link from IDP 2- Logout from Mendix 3- Open InAppBrowser to open the logout URL. and then close the InAppBroswser. 4- Reload the mobile application.  This flow works fine on Makeitnative. but once I generated an Android and iOS application and test it on real devices it didn’t work. The logout functionality works fine, but the InAppBrowser didn't close and kept open until the user click on the (x) button. You can find the flow that we are using and the code for the JS action Any help is highly appreciated  // BEGIN EXTRA CODE import InAppBrowser from 'react-native-inappbrowser-reborn'; // END EXTRA CODE /** * @param {string} url * @returns {Promise.<boolean>} */ export async function Logout_IDP_InAppBrowser(url) { // BEGIN USER CODE //Mx 8+9 compatibility: use react-native-inappbrowser@3.3.4 for mx8 and 3.6.3 for mx9 // Documentation https://github.com/proyecto26/react-native-inappbrowser if (!url) { return Promise.reject(new Error("Input parameter 'Url' is required")); } const options = { // iOS Properties //ephemeralWebSession: false, // Android Properties showTitle: false, enableUrlBarHiding: true, enableDefaultShare: false }; if ( InAppBrowser.isAvailable()) { await InAppBrowser.open(url, options); InAppBrowser.close(); return Promise.resolve(true); } else { Linking.openURL(url); return Promise.resolve(true); } // END USER CODE }  
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