How to change sdk version in native app

Hi, I am working on a mendix native app. I clone the repo from github,  this repo is generated by mendix studio pro. when open the project in android studio, the build log show, sdk download fail.  Message: An error occurred while preparing SDK package Android SDK Platform 25: archive is not a ZIP archive.: I try to download sdk25 with SDK manager, it also fail.     I have SDK 26 in my computer. Where can i make this change?  I check the build.gradle, didn’t find out any clue about SDK 25.   build.gradle: ext { buildToolsVersion = "28.0.3" minSdkVersion = 21 compileSdkVersion = 29 targetSdkVersion = 29 kotlinVersion = "1.3.50" excludeAppGlideModule = true playServicesVersion = "16.1.0" } Changed all sdk version to 28 to rebuild,  but log shows gradle still to download SDK 25.  
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