Call server side code from Native Mobile App which will call and process the REST API

We have a requirement where we need to call the REST API from Native mobile App. We cannot call the REST API directly from Mobile The REST API call needs to be called by a server side code Native mobile APP will call the server side Mendix Code which internally will call and process the REST API and send the response back. Both Native APP and Server Side code needs to be developed in Mendix platform   Can we call server side code from Mendix native app? If yes can you share some links/pointers /steps or any sample for the same?
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Hi Sagar,

Yes you can. Create a nanoflow which can be used in your Native App. From your nanoflow you check if device has connection with nanoflow common JS action, and if connected you can call a microflow. In your microflow which runs on server process your REST call and return the  API data as return parameter which is then available in your nanoflow or with synchronize to device action in microflow to get data on the device.