how to refresh page in native app from nanoflow without commit object

I’m working on a native/hybrid app and on the phone side, there are many different permutations of changes to objects on a couple forms that the user can make and then on cancel, the changes are rolled back.  In order to roll back then, I cannot commit any of the changes as they are made and only commit on save.  But the issue is that when adding new items to the screen or making changes to various objects that are referenced through associations, I cannot find a good way to refresh the page to show the new images/items added to the page.  It works when I commit the objects, but I cannot do that now because I have to implement rollback.  I can reload the page but that messes up the flow as it adds another page to the history stack and is slow besides.  Is there some way to refresh the page to show these changes from a nanoflow (after the object updates) other than calling the page load which  duplicates the page?
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