[Native Mobile] Individual Tab styling for Tab Container widget

Hey guys, I’m trying to modify the styling for each individual tabs for the Tab Container widget for Native Mobile which uses ReactNative custom classes but I can’t seem to achieve this. The core styling file for the widget itself modifies all the tabs’ styling but I can’t seem to be able to style the tabs individually like the background color for instance. The below image is what I want to achieve : But I am getting the below when I modify the styling for the tab property (which makes sense since there’s only 1 tab property for the tabcontainer custom class)   Would be great if anyone could set me in the right direction on how to achieve individual tab styling for the tabContainer widget. Thank you. Mendix Version : 8.11.0 Best Regards Kevin
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Hi Kevin,

The docs provide you insight on what you can style. label and activeLabel


However you can not target nth child as you can do this with CSS, I dont see a way that it is possible, maybe inspecting the widget will give you an sample.

And if worse comes to worse you can build you own widget.

Cheers, Andries