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Hi Everyone,   We always had an on-premise solution which our users access via a browser. Now we are trying to do a native application for an android device in our stores. (separate instance to our current one) I am going through the documentation I can find but somethings is not clear. Do we built the app and deploy like normal on our local server. But then also built the apk of the solution for device deployment. How does that apk know where to sync to? i.e. our local server. From an architect point is this how it works: We have an entity called application. On the app on the device the agent captures the application and save. The data is saved in the device local db and when it has an internet connection that application object is sync to the main server application object.  
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Indeed you make the APK yourself. How you distribute that apk is another matter. For android and IOS you need to do quite some work even if you only want to publish within your company.

Then the syncing of data. Did you see the doucmentation here: ?

Do note the limitations when doing the sync.