How to pin the footer of a phone specific page

Hi all, I have created a phone specific page using the Hybrid_Phone_Default (Atlas UI_Resources). See attached screenshot. When I use the app, the footer (includes the home-button) is placed in the middle of the screen. It moves down, when lines are created, which appear between the header and the footer. Thanks for your support. Kinde regards Siegfried
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You can try with the following style

position: fixed;
bottom: 0px;


We are using scroll container which has top region, Center and bottom region. For us top and bottom is always fixed and does not float. And our footer stays really at the footer without any additional styling. Can you check if this works for you.

I think the scroll container with bottom region is intended for this purpose. If you put your footer in center region ofcourse it floats with respect to your content.


Hi Nirmalkumar,


thanks a lot for your help.
I wil try this asap and give you feedback.


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