Tracking the calling page of microflow

Hello all, I have a microflow which is used to add a user’s specific details(eg:education details) to the datasource. I call this microflow from two different pages: when a new user is registering, he/she may need to add all details including education when a current user wants to update the system with a newly earned educational degree In the first case, the user proceeds to the next section, while in the second case, the user gets back to his profile page. So, is it possible to track which of these pages called the microflow, so that I can redirect to the corresponding pages based on the caller? Thank you..  
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Perhaps you can put the logic that should be reused in a sub microflow and call a different microflow in both scenarios? So in page A you use microflow A and in page B microflow B, where both microflow A and B use the same subflow. Then you can add some custom logic to microflow A and B, but reuse the logic that is similar.

Hope this helps!