Constrain reference selector by Microflow

Hi all,  I've have three entities, lets call them A, B and C. The relationships between them is  A (1-*) B (1-*) C. When adding an object, you select A in a reference set selector and I want another selector with B, and then another for C.  The B and C values depends on what is selected above them. So on selector for B the user will only see the B objects that are referenced A. This is the bit that i am stuck at,  I've set up a Microflow to constrain selector B.  I retrieve the association between the CorePropertyInformation and Entity A.  Create a string variable for the value of the reference between CorePropertyInformation and Entity A. Retrieve the list of Entity B objects, and show only the B objects that reference the selected A object.  I can't seem to get this to work the selector for B shows all B objects regardless of their reference, please could anyone offer any advise,  Many thanks,  Garion  
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If you want to do this with a microflow you can retrieve the associated A object by association. From this A object you can retrieve all the B objects by association with the A to B relation, this list of B object is then returned.

This is probobaly also possible with a normal 'contstraint by' on the reference selector. The path then goes something like: CorePropertyInformation/CorePropertyInformation_EntityA/EntityA/EntityA_EntityB