Emails with attachment no longer contain attachment after move to Azure

Our problem is that we recently moved our file storage from the mendix cloud to Azure. After this move emails with attachments that were generated in microflows are being sent without the attachments. Does anyone know how to solve this? We tried: Synchronizing with model reflection Saving the attachment (wasn't needed before) Copying the attachment with the java action CopyAttachmentContent into Attachment of the EmailTemplate module (previously we used an association to our own attachment)   Edit: We use the emailTemplate module from the appstore for emails. Edit2: We updated the emailTemplate to version 7.0 (latest version for Modeler version 6.10.12), but that did not solve the problem. Edit3: We used a local SMTP server (Papercut) to test the flow locally and the attachments were there. The problem only occurs on the Mendix Cloud/Azure Blob. Edit4: Azure does not have an email server if we interpret this correctly:
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