Reference selector, selectable objects restriction by association.

The Business Case: •The business is divided into 4 hierarchical department levels (called business lines) •Both business partners and employee’s can be assigned at any level business line in the hierarchy. •An employee can have only 1 have one of each level business line assigned. •A business partner can have multiple of each level. •If an employee or business manager is assigned to a Business Line on a lower level than the first, all higher level business lines should be assigned as well according to the hierarchy. Problem: Since certain Business line associations have already been made we want to restrict the number of lower level business lines that can be assigned to an new employee to only be those that are associated with the higher level business line. In the screenshot: Business Line England is only associated with London. However I can still select the other 'Business Line 2'’s. So I attempted to use a microflow with the selectable objects option from the reference selector where I retrieve the BusinessLine that is filled in for the current employee object. Then I retrieve a list of business line 2 over the business line association and make that my return value. However now I get nothing at all. This is my domain model for reference.
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You might have some use for the Constrained By functionality of reference selectors.

I've used this for similar cases.