Preventing listview item to update when editing it in a popup?

Initially I had a listview with datasource over association, but I already converted that to database. Each item contains a button that goes to the NewEdit page of the object where you can change it's name. The problem that I'm experiencing is that when you edit the name in the popup and leave the input field, the object also updates in the listview, outside of the pop-up. This means the change is seen without committing, although it remains only in memory until it is actually committed. I thought there was a standard and simple behavior to prevent this from happening, but it seems there isn't. Currently my workaround is to clone the object and use that for editing. I.e., Upon clicking the edit button, create a clone, set self reference, show the clone in the popup and upon save, check if there are edits and if so, retrieve the original, update it and commit. This workaround however results in having a different new and edit page, as well as multiple micro flows for creating, editing and deleting altogether. Quite a mess.  So does anyone knows a simpler workaround than cloning to prevent a list item to update itself when being edited in a popup, before the save button is actually clicked?
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In 7.13.1 there was a fix in DataGrids and TemplateGrids for this :


I wouldn't know if the Listview still has this problem, but as your working in 7.16.0 it looks like it. For the time being I would resort to changing the layout of the NewEdit from pop-up to full screen in stead of messing up the domain model.