Loop in a loop with and without split causing duplicated items?

I'm not sure whether I found a bug or just missing some knowledge, but when creating the above microflow I initially thought I did not need the exclusive split. In some cases the list retrieve in the first loop could be zero and therefor the second loop would be ignored. The odd thing was, however, that when I did not use the exclusive split an association set in the second loop of a list that contains at least one item would also be set on the previous outer loop iterator.  This above microflow is my datasource microflow of my FAQ page. It retrieves all sections and all the items that are connected to each section and sets a second association over the "_active" association. This second association is required due to the search functionality, which removes the _active association on items that don't match the search query. If in such case I have two sections, one with zero items and one with three, not having the exclusive split as above would result in both sections having an association with the three items. I checked the debugger and when it completed the first iterator with zero items, there were zero associations afterwards. When it completed the whole loop the second time, all three items where associated with both sections. I'm not sure if I'm missing some knowledge or I found some kind of bug. Anyone to elaborate?  
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I think you are correct with assuming that inner loops wouldnt be executed when there is a 0-list for to loop.

In 7.7.1 I make use of 3 deep loop mf which works like you described; if associated retrieved lists are empty, the inner loops are skipped.