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Hi all, my homepage contains a data view so I have set my homepage as a microflow in my navigation. Currently, my microflow is set up to retrieve the object for the data view from the database, then shows the home page, passing the retrieved object to the page. However, when I run the application and use the correct log in details, the mircoflow is not executing properly and ends up refreshing the login screen rather than routing to the homepage. I have also tried adding a 'Close Page' activity at the end of the microflow and this doesn't work either. Can anyone provide some assistance here? Thank you very much!
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Hi, some checks you can do;

Check the user role of the user you use to test;

  1. Does it have the expected user role?
  2. Does the user role have access to the data used in the page?
  3. Does the user role have a home page on the device used?
  4. Does the user role have a module role in the module containing the homepage?


Other things to check

  1. Is the object correctly retrieved?
  2. Is there an log in the console?

Are you also using role based home pages?

Role based home pages overrules the default home page.


for more information see


The way I now understand the situation is like this, please correct me if I am wrong:

in your login microflow you do not specify to trigger the microflow (which is used to open your homepage while using the button homepage from navigation),  instead you just use a default login which is supposed to direct you automatically to the default homescreen?