Creating N number of Objects of EntityType for Values inside an Enumeration

Hi All, I have a business requirement to create Objects for a set of values in an Enumeration. Say I have an enumeration with values 'Text, Area, Comboox'. I want to create objects of a particular Entity type say 3 Objects for these three enum values. Is this possible or is there a workaround.
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Don't know the case behind the question, but you could try to create a microflow that does a retrieve based on the first enum option. Then check if the obejct can be found with an exclusive split.

If found skip to the next retrieve else create the object.

Continu this for every enum value.

If you want a more generic option then have a look at the java code in the Flat FIle Importer module. In the code there is a function to loop through the enumeration values. Based on this you could create the objects from java.