Change in Time of a created date due to change in Time zones.

In Netherlands when we move from one time zone to other there is a difference of 1 hours.  We are creating an object which has a dateTime variable each for one day. If we create the object in summer time and once we move back to winter time there is this one hour difference and we want to compare the dates because of change in time it does not equate only dates it also take time for comparing and give no result.  Is there any way that we can retrieve an object comparing only dates with no time.   
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Hi Shreyansh Chouksey,

                                            If you want to use your date and time attribute in any of the custom logic, you need to set the time zone during the creation of your account. if you not done that, check your entity and turn of Localize time setting because it will use the time of your brower.

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A must read is this:
If time is not of the importance you should always set the localize setting of a Date Time attribute to no then you do not have this problem.

Since all date times are stored as UTC you could create a hotfix routine that retrieves the localised field and then store that back after transformation to the correct date in a second non localized field.