Duplicate column value violates its unique constraint when using data-source microflow

Hi everyone,    We have been using a data source microflows to create entity objects when loading a page. The objects are so-called “SignatureTrails”  (they track who signed, what document as attributes) which we have used in many other pages. Currently, for a specific page, we are getting an error with this in log:   Duplicate column value violates its unique constraint: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "application$person_application_pkey" Detail: Key ("application$personid", "application$applicationid")=(44754521301858490, 56294995347443413) already exists. (SQL State: 23505, Error Code: 0) When creating an object, we are also committing it (tried both commit with/without events) on the same action activity. This error does not appear when testing in local environment, but only appears in testing, user acceptance environments. Any ideas on what could be causing the issue?
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Hi Shokhrukh,

It looks like a data issues. You might have a old data which created before unique constraint was applied . You need to check the data and do the clean up.