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Hi, I am using two tabs for a page- Tasks and Resolved and these two have different three tabs in it- Due Today, Upcoming and overdue.  In these page - Due Today, Upcoming and overdue, i am taking them to a different page .Now I want if from that different page, if I am going back, it should take me to the exact tab. like if i am on upcoming tab and i have clicked view more on upcoming's page and then if i am clicking on back button it should take me to upcoming tab.   I have tried using tab switcher and microflow. In back button microflow, I have used the logic of dates and if date is as per due date then tab index value should be 0, upcoming then 1 and overdue then 2 and i have put tab switcher in all three pages. It is still not working, Can someone help in this.
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Saryu if you use, Tab Container it should solve your problem and once you add tab container please do the respective changes in those tab containers only instead of showing on  new page by microflow→ this is another way


whatever you implemented could you please show your microflow?