Deeplinkhome microflow is not getting triggered

Hi All, in default home page I have selected nav_GuestHomePage MF which internally call deeplinkhome MF.   After login If I execute deeplink url “http://localhost:8080/link/ARPurchaseRequest?AssetsRefNo=vvv” then this nav_GuestHomePage MF is not getting triggered. wheareas If I explicitly call this MF nav_GuestHomePage after login,using click on home button,it is working as expected.     Please help me why it is happening. usually after every loging this default home page MF should call automatically.
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Did you first set the DeepLink.Startdeeplink as an after start up MF?

If this is set up, you can debug your DeeplinkHome to check if there is a pending link and if this is executed.

You can find more information on Deep link here: