Microflow actions in range of one month

Trying to implement microflow calculations with date in range of one (current) month Using List operation – filter I noticed that there are possibilities to use [%BeginOfCurrentMonth%] and [%EndOfCurrentMonth%] Could you help with – how that Expression should like, please Or – maybe any other suggestions Any help will be appreciated 
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What exactly is your use case?


Generally you can use [%BeginOfCurrentMonth%] and [%EndOfCurrentMonth%] to see if a date is in this current month.

e.g. if you want to retrieve all objects with a date of this current month saved, you could use a retrieve action and this XPath → (date > [%BeginOfCurrentMonth%] and date < [%EndOfCurrentMonth%]). This returns the objects whose dates are after begin of current month and before end of current month.


Or maybe you want a text to be visible once today is only 5 days away from the end of the month (e.g. when you want to remind the user that they need to do something before the end of the month).

Then you could use this XPath for text visibility on a page → (daysBetween([%CurrentDateTime%], [%EndOfCurrentMonth%]) <= 5). The text will appear only if there are less than or exactly 5 days between the end of the month and it could maybe say: “Submit your work before the end of the month”.


I hope this was helpful


where $yourentity/yourDateattribute >= ‘ %BeginOfCurrentMonth%]’ and $yourentity/yourDateattribute <= ‘[%EndOfCurrentMonth%] ‘