How to configure API Post request

I want to call API POST Request and supply parameter into the body of the structure, thereby display the fetched data on page – can someone please guide me how can I implement this. Also I have gone through documentation – Consume REST Service / Call REST Service , however I am able to understand the steps properly. It will be of great help if someone can explain step wise in detail. Thank you.
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First you need to create jsonStructure. To specify how the structure of json will be when you want to send parameters through body. 

Then you need to specify Export mapping, where you specify how the object will be converted into json. 

After two steps, you need to create microflow and use  Call Rest activity. 

In General Tab specify URL and set Type as Post. 

In Request tab select Export mapping for entire request, then select export mapping that you have created, specify object that will be converted into JSON


For response

  1. Create Json Structure of your response that you expect from api
  2. Create Import mapping where you specify how the json will be converted into Mendix objects. 
  3. In Response tab of “Call REST” activity specify newly created mapping 
  4. Use the result. 





how can I use the result ?