Datagrid 2 - Selecting only filtered items with select-all-microflow

Hi, I´m using a datagrid2. I integrated a select-all function with check boxes and a microflow to execute. This works perfectly fine. But, when I´m filtering the objects and select all, not just the filtered items are selected but all items. This makes sense since my microflow sets the boolean attribute  ‘selected’ of all objects to true.  How can I just select these filtered items? I don´t wanna select each object separately.  Hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance! Hannah
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Create a entity “View” and link it with the main entity with one to many associations and use it in the data view instead of the main entity.
Also, create a microflow and in that microflow filter the list and then create a view object and link the object with the filtered list. Then, on each filter’s on click event call that microflow.
Now, in the select microflow you will have the view object linked with the only filtered list. 

Also, put the data grid-2 inside the data view so that the view object will be available in the filter’s microflow and from that object you can filter the list. In the data grid-2 use the associations as a source of the data.