Hey Team, I have some problems regarding a functionality: I need to creat a new Order Item and connect it to the Purchase Order. The Order Item object will always be unique, but the Purchase Order needs to be checked, if it already exists. If the Purchase Order already exists, the association to the Order Item will be set. If the Purchase Order does not exist, a new Purchase Order Object will be created and the association to the Order Item will be set.  But for the check I already need the association.   Does anyone have an idea how to solve it?  Thanks a lot in advance...    
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Currently, the associations with creator are on an order item alone. It would stand to reason to make that association with the purchase order rather than the line items (or various people add orderitems to a purchaseorder?)

Whatever the solution, it would be useful to associate your purchase order with something other than the orderitem so you can retrieve it from your page.

A small sidenote: best practice for data source microflows would be to give them the DS_ prefix rather than an ACT_ prefix.