csv file export

I am uploading a .csv file. Entity name is document and its attribur=tes are first name and last name. After uploading the csv file column wise. I want to export the .csv file as well. Particular column data should be fetch in particular column of .csv file while exporting.  I have read about flat& delimetted export module. But can someone explian me in detail how to do that?  
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Not completely sure what you are trying to accomplish, but exporting data to a csv file can be done with the module you mentioned, but also with the export buttons that come standard with Mendix.

With the module you setup a configuration where you set the entity that holds the data that you want to export. Then select the columns that you want to export. Make sure the separator is a comma or when using excel use the semi colon as separator character.

To setup the module have a look at the documentation and at the example export that is provided in the module.