Best way to handle variable/object names

I have a Rule I am setting up with a few paramaters called RequestName and WF.   Admittedly I already added a bunch of if statement etc before I created the Rule.  I want to check if RequestName is an empty object or not.  If not query the RequestList to pull the object with the same RequestId. This part was already implemented, and I called this list Request and all the 10 different if statements are based off this varialbe.   So I added the if empty before it and if it is empty just run what I already did… If not call Request the parameter I passed (RequestName). Problem is that I can name 2 variables the same thing (even though one wouldnt be instantiated because of the if statement. As you can see, I have all my if variables dependent on “Request” if I pass in the paramater and the obj isnt empty do I really have to go through and add additional logic if RequestName is empty then use request else use the other name??? I would highly doubt that would ever be the case. If it is, I don’t know what to say really… But if it isn’t, how can I handle this?  
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Hey Joe,

I am not sure I entirely follow what you are trying to accomplish, but if I understand correctly, you want to pass in two parameters and, if one is empty, use the other one.  Assuming this is accurate, you could create a variable at the beginning of the microflow, lets call it RequestID and, in setting the value of that variable, have an if statement like this:

if $RequestName = empty

Then you can use that variable to retrieve the object you want and continue with your microflow.  No need for if then branching in the microflow itself.

Hope that helps,